Oct 9, 2012

Going up?

What do you do in an elevator when no one can see you?
- And if you say you never take the elevator because you're such a healthy person - bite me!

I always think about this when I'm in an elevator. What would the person next to me be doing if I weren't here? The reason why I wonder is because I often find myself doing strange things in elevators. It's this private space in the middle of a usually very public area and I think those kinds of places are always a bit interesting.

Ok, so maybe I haven't made out with Romeo aka Leonardo DiCaprio - but I have slipped out of my pantie hoes that had gotten ripped and stuffed them in my bag before getting out.

Nop, no smoldering eyes or witnessing of a head bashing - instead I have danced to a really good song and been paralyzed with shame when the doors opened unexpectedly.


Can't say I've had help taking my pants off in an elevator, but I have had them off... I've happened to put on my scrub pants backwards (yes, that can happen when you're rushed out of bed at four in the morning to tend to a sick baby!) and with my heart in my throat I've switched them, praying I wouldn't be caught literally with my pants down. This has actually happened more than once now that I think of it...

Well maybe my activities in the elevator aren't quite as epic as having Ryan Gosling staring into my eyes, but I didn't say epic, I said strange...

And there are of course the normal stuff (I'm guessing) you might do, like check your makeup, fix your hair, sing along to your iPod, change your shoes, start to undress (the appropriate stuff only of course!) before running out when being late to work and lastly take your picture with your phone. This I do at the same time as I curse over the fact that I have the old iPhone3 that doesn't have the camera on both sides so I always look like an idiot on the pictures (although there might be several reasons for that)...

So anyways, I've become increasingly fascinated by these tiny compartments that you share with strangers and that give you a tiny bit of privacy in the midst of rushing from A to B, and I'm thinking after seeing these pictures above that I might have to try some of them... you know, just to keep exploring the amazing things that are elevators. (or Ryan Gosling, I'll take either...) 

Ps. the pictures are links to the sources of the pictures or a video of the movie - except the last one, I don't remember where I found that one...

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