Jul 20, 2012

A picture of a feeling

So I’ve been trying to post this for a couple of days now but I´m really not used to this mini-pc (it’s my sisters and the keyboard is physically American but programmed Swedish and I’ve been using a Danish keyboard for about 7 years…) so it’s taking a while. Anyway, I’ve been to the states and back again as you might have guessed. It’s been amazing – also, as you might imagine.

To summarize I had a horrible experience with Immigrations (apparently I look nothing like my passport), a pretty okay night in Vegas, a great day in Santa Monica, an amazing (yup, let’s say it again – AMAZING) day at Disneyland and then some really really great relaxing, embracing the surfer-chick lifestyle days in San Diego. All in all one of the best vacations ever. Only problem – it could have been longer… and 4th of July was kind of a let down, but let’s face it, I couldn’t really muster up the nauseatingly patriotic feel of the whole thing anyway, I’m way to European for that.

Oh well, let’s see if I can give you a tiny hint of how it was with some crappy iPhone pictures.

Bild 224Bild 307Bild 238 Bild 284sockervaddBild 303Bild 308 

Christ, this is taking forever (the computer is not only American, it’s sloooow too) – I think I’ll just make a part two with the San Diego pictures tomorrow. So, to be continued…

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