Jun 16, 2012


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This is pretty much how I imagine my mini-vacation to The Golden State – a night in Vegas, a couple of days in LA (where my priority is getting sprinkled with some fairy dust at the happiest place in the world) and then a couple of relaxing days – including what I am expecting to be an amazing 4th of July celebration in San Diego. Best of all? A whole week with the smartest, funniest and probably coolest person in the state! Can’t wait!

By the way, ever heard of those kinds of people who plan ahead? You know, the ones who actually know what they’re going to do next summer? I wish someone would donate one of those to be my vacation-planner. I mean, who the hell buys a transatlantic plane ticket two weeks before leaving? And keeps changing her mind about time of departure up until the minute she presses buy? And who is now thinking the whole “getting to the airport on time thing” might become a bit of a stress factor, I’m talking minutes margin here... Oh well, nothing to do about that now!

Oh and lastly, is it only me or is Red Hot Chilli Peppers like the official California mood setter band? All their songs sound like hot sun and hot surfing duds…

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