Jun 7, 2012

Happy days – are here to stay…

Two dear friends have graduated as doctors in two different countries less than a week apart and I’ve been lucky enough to share that with both of them. Apart from that I’ve met a beautiful baby girl, caught up with a high school friend (her mother) and spent some well needed quality time with mom and dad. All in all a really great week though with some really horrible weather, I guess it’s to be expected in Sweden.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about things that make me happy and I’ve actually kept the positive attitude going and thought of things almost on a daily basis. It’s not like I didn’t notice it before, but it gives me a little rush to find these things in really random otherwise mundane situations. So here goes, some more tricks to get me happy.

Falling asleep with my head on my moms tummy – I know, I’m 28 (ghaa!) but this is like heaven to me.

Getting out of wet shoes and into warm socks.

Holding, cuddling and just being near babies, it melts my heart and makes me believe in fairies again. I don’t think I’ve ever been sad or unhappy whiles holding a baby.

The first bite of a really good chees pupusa (it’s like a tortilla with filling and it’s marvelous!).

Walking from the plane to the arrival hall in Arlanda Airport – they have these pictures up of famous Swedish people and I always get the first feeling of coming home right there.


Three things I’ll always associate with Sweden – moms tortillas (or pupusas), really good strawberries and “studenten” (high school graduation!).

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