May 23, 2012

Sunny side up

I’m really good at focusing on the negatives – I remember when I wrote for the university paper we had a whole page dedicated to bitching about everything and anything. I never had a problem contributing, then at some point we figured we needed a page for everything that was great – and let’s just say we used a quite bigger font on that page…

So today while on the bus to work I started thinking about the things that make me happy – and to my surprise I wrote for the whole bus ride and there was just an endless stream of tiny beautiful things that make my heart swell and my lips curve. I thought I’d share some of them with you.

The smell of newly cut grass, or wet pavement
Spending an entire day reading a really good book – forgetting to eat, drink or shower!
Getting an IV in on a really difficult (that means chubby, wriggly and uncooperative) tiny human
Baking something really tricky and succeeding – I have to admit, I do a little dance in the kitchen every single time just to celebrate!
Hearing my daddy laugh really really hard
Brunch with my girls!!
Laughing with my sister – this very often include sharing one set of headphones, singing out of tune, laughing at other people and to some extend being really mean with each other…

Oh, well – I’ll share some more at another time. I have to get back to my Mad Men episode! (And yes, still at work hoping that all kids in the surrounding areas are safely tucked into bed and don’t wake up until tomorrow after eight!)

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