May 26, 2012

Hotter than a pepper sprout

I’m not sure you know how hot a pepper sprout is – my sister does after our last visit to a Thai (?) restaurant – but I imagine it’s nothing compared to how hot it is right now in my apartment. All windows are opened. I’m wearing a thin loose cotton shirt and underwear, that’s it, I can’t handle more and I’m still waaaay too hot. The best part of this place is definitely the light – the worst, the windows without drapes. I thought I’d found a spot on the hardwood floor in the hall for a while, but now that spot is also drenched in sunlight and I’m considering moving into the bathroom, preferably the shower. I know you’re not supposed to bitch about the sun in these parts of the world, in a matter of minutes it can be gone and it can start snowing (well maybe not snowing, but you know what I mean…), but I’ve always said spring is my time of the year – bright, warm and without risk for hyperthermia.

Still, there are some great things about this time of year, among other things the overwhelming amount of green. These are some of the greens and blues I’ve seen the last couple of days – and a bowl of “koldskål” which I really can’t explain what is, but it’s good and it’s refreshing!


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