Sep 23, 2013

Freak like me

One month in and hopefully the adaptation period is slowly coming to it's end, it's been a hard couple of weeks. Swishing in from one place to another is surprisingly difficult. I'm not sure if it's the swift change from one mission to the next or if it's something else, but it's like I'm not fully committed to being here yet, I guess my head is somewhere else. Hopefully it'll catch up before the mission's over.

One of the things I'm finding quite difficult is the roommate situation. Not that I don't like my roommates! They are nice people, all of them. I'm just really used to living alone. It's actually strange that this never really got to be a problem in my last mission. Here I'm constantly reminded of how not used to "dorm-life" I am. I'm not sure how people normally walk around at home; I'm sure some people get up, get dressed - including shoes, brush their hair and put on make up and then just lounge around in their house on a Sunday. I'm just not that kind of a person. Clothes are (more or less) for going out in my book. Every morning when I get up I argue with myself for at least five minutes about wether or not to put on pants and a bra (and a shirt of course, but I'm hoping that's a given!) before going to the bathroom. So far modesty has won every time, but I hate it! Actually a couple of days ago I woke up at 5.45 in the morning and decided to slip out to the bathroom without putting on pants or a bra under my t-shirt, I figured everybody was still sleeping. But turns out one of the guys had gotten up really early to eat breakfast and when I stepped out of the bathroom I just saw a big dark shadow coming towards me, of course I screamed bloody murder and freaked him completely out. After that I spent a half-hour with heart palpitations and a stomach ache before I could pull myself together to go out and apologize for being a freak. To get a positive spin on it at least we had fits of laughter all day every time we saw each other just thinking about how much of a weirdo I am.

Oh well, I still have a couple of months to get into the hippie/commune way of living... I did say once that I was born in the wrong decade, I guess this is my way of trying it out.

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