Feb 17, 2013

More than a thousand words

So it's been a terribly grey and uneventful sunday. One of those days where I spend the whole day thinking that I should travel more, like leaving tomorrow. It always gets me thinking about last time I went somewhere and browsing the photos I've taken on my (not that many) trips. 

Doing that I came over this picture and it's just the best photo ever. It might not be the best quality or lighting or anything - it's a pretty random shot taken with my phone. The reason why it's special is the girl on the lower left corner. This is the friend whom I went to Paris with last fall. We were looking around the Notre Dame on a rainy afternoon and like so many tourists got separated inside the big cathedral filled with people. I'm not sure how long we walked around trying to find each other before we both figured it was easiest to just wait by the exit. When I found her there I just couldn't figure out how she'd passed me as she was walking behind me and I was actually looking for her. Afterwards when I was browsing the photos I'd taken inside I found this one, with her in it, and I was so surprised. It's taken just as she's passing me without seeing me and I'm taking a picture without realizing she's in it. 

I have a tendency to take a lot of pictures when traveling, most of them are useless. They aren't particularly good and don't really say that much about the trip. This one is different, it has a story and a great friend in it.

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