Feb 7, 2013

Making a mess

It's always strange to be away from work for a couple of days. I actually only had two days off, but still, it feels long somehow. When I come back I always feel a bit out of the loop, I don't know who the patients are or if there's been any problems. Then there's the tricky part of being the union representative, I'm supposed to know what's going on and it's difficult when my schedule consists of weekends and nights.

Oh well, enough bitching for one evening.

Or actually... There's also the part of me being a starter and not a finisher. When I have a couple of days off I always do this dumb thing, (besides getting sick!) I start rearranging the apartment. I remember when I lived at home I was always the one moving my furniture around in my room, rearranging and trying out new ideas. I haven't done it so much here, the living room has only been rearranged once or twice in a year and my bedroom has looked the same since I moved in. This means I was good and ready to do something about the bedroom. Yesterday I decided I don't need a workspace in my bedroom anymore (which is true, I've never once worked there) so I moved the table out into the living room and started to sort thru my folders. Today I have a table randomly standing in the path to the kitchen and next to my kitchen table (my new workspace) is a huge pile of papers that are supposed to be thrown out and one that I haven't gotten to sort thru yet.

Luckily I have all of next week off to hopefully fix this mess. Except I wanted to use next week to sort thru all my clothes, I think I might be able to get rid of half my wardrobe and definitely half my shoes... Now the question is how long I can stand having my bed facing the door before I get totally creeped out and have to move it again... 

And this is how it looked up until yesterday, today it looks way different, but as it's still a mess in there I'll hold on the pics for now.

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