Mar 3, 2013

In the mood

Can you feel your feet begging to move and your hands starting to tremble like the (in)famous jazz hands when you see these photos and hear the groovy melody of "In the mood" in your head? I know my hands and feet - not to mention hips and shoulders can't be still when I hear the music at least, so today everything I've done has had a kind of swing to it. 


We're in march people! It's official - spring will come this year too! I know I dance around most of the year, but it's like I truly can't help it when the sun starts showing it's face after three o'clock in the afternoon. Yesterday was all about the salsa and merengue (which is like once in a blue moon) that was the raging fashion in this apartment, but today I happened to come across a youtube clip of some gal's swing dancing in the 1940's and I thought to myself - imagine living thru WWII and still looking so ecstatic while swinging, it must be the happiest dance ever, and I should learn it! 


I know there're a lot of reasons why we live in the best of times - blogging and Instagram to mention two perhaps less important ones - genus classes at universities in Sweden and survival rates of premature babies at an all time low to mention two in my opinion hugely important ones. But I can't help sometimes daydreaming of living in an era of black and white, I know it sounds stupid, but I love the elegance, the smoldering looks and obviously the music and the movies. We should totally bring that era back, I mean without the war and the lousy conditions for everyone who isn't a white male, maybe just like a costume party... yeah, that would probably be enough for me.

For now I think I'll make myself a cup of tea and cuddle up with some dancing clips of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, maybe I'll pick it up just by watching and re-watching for a couple of hours.

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